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HydraLux Botanical Serum - Replenish. Nourish. Shine.

A paradise blend of carefully selected natural oils to protect from the sun, add shine, combat frizz control, and assist with safely detangling the hair. HydraLux Botanical Serum key ingredient is prickly pear oil  known as a superfood for hair & scalp it is high in Vitamin E and packs on the shine, fullness, and lessens your frizz. Avocado oil adds strength and less breakage and penetrates your hair shaft. Jojoba oil is ideal for many hair types because it is lightweight and a shine booster. Give your hair the blissful escape it deserves.



SKU: 0004
  • HydraLux Botanical Serum - Replenish. Nourish. Shine.

    What:​ HydraLux Botanical Serum

    Hair Type:​ Relaxed, Natural, Wavy, Straight Curly or Coily Hair Concerns:​ Dull, Dry, Damage, Split Ends & Breakage, and color treated hair. 

    Key Benefits: ​The lightweight, high performance, high quality blend of ingredients help to nourishes & hydrate your hair, adds more shine, and protects it from the Sun

    Highlighted Ingredients:
    Prickly Pear Oil - Hair superfood. It is high in Vitamin E, producing shiny, full of body hair. It is excellent for detangling and serves as an anti-frizz gem.
    Argan Oil - Filled with antioxidants that nourish the hair, smooths frizz, revitalizes hair, and protects it from the sun.
    Jojoba Oil - Boosts shine, nourishes hair, lock in moisture, plus lightweight and great for all hair types.

    We leave out the concerns: ​Paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free.

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